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Living COVID's Demographic Nightmare, San Antonio Express-News, January 16, 2021

Texas Must Act Fast To Protect It's Voters Against Pink Slime Journalism, Route Fifty, October 26, 2020

Why Misinformation Spreads So Quickly and How We Can Combat It, San Antonio Report, July 31, 2020

Failed Policies Are Hitting Texas Border Communities the Hardest, Austin American Statesman, August 2020

Teaching Anti-Racism at School and Home, San Antonio Express News, July 2020

Workplace Policies Need to Catch Up To Working Women, The Rivard Report, November 2019

San Antonio Showing True Representative Government, San Antonio Express News, October 2019

Revisit the Issue of South Texas Colonias, The Associated Press, October 2018 

Spend Education Dollars Helping Students, Not Buying Guns, Austin American Statesman, September 2018

Trump’s Immigration Policy Violates Our American Values, Truman National Security Blog, July 23 2018

Inclusive Growth and the Happiness Factor, Governing Magazine, June 2018

Criminalization, Incarceration, and Liberation: A Brief Analysis and History, The New Leader: A Journal on International Policy and Politics, Co-Author, May 2018

Trump's National Guard Deployment Is Based On Falsehoods, Texas Trib Talk, May 2018

Citizenship Question Will Mean A Faulty Census,, April 2018

Student Debt: The Uncanny Truth Undermining the American Dream, The New Leader: A Journal on International Policy and Politics, Co-Author, February 2018

For Some SA Students, Showing Up Is the Battle, The Rivard Report, September 2017

Rayo- Garza, Coda - Data Morality: Why Cities Must Adopt Open Data Policies, The New Leader: A Journal on Generational Policy and Politics, July 2017

Rayo-Garza, Coda - P16Plus Council Celebrates Kids' School Attendance,  The Rivard Report, September 2016

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