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San Antonio Women and COVID: Our Own She-cession?

Recently I conducted some research on how the pandemic has impacted labor force participation for women in San Antonio. Here is a glimpse at some of the data I put together for a policy brief on this topic. Send me a message if you are interested in reading the entire brief. Read an excerpt below.

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Stratified Impact for San Antonio Women by Race/Ethnicity

Further disaggregation shows a troubling trend, especially for Latinas in San Antonio. Latinas who are not in the labor force reached a new high point in October, since the onset of the pandemic (Figure 3). In January, there were 44,441 less Latinas counted as not participating in the labor force. Since May, Latinas continue to exit the labor force. While White women showed a constant rate of non-labor force participation with only a slight uptick since August, those numbers actually declined for Black and Asian women. Both Black and Latina women experienced an increase in non-labor force participation from April to May.

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