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Time for Texas to do what is right by our most vulnerable communities

Colonias in Tejas Policy Brief (2)
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As you know, I have been an advocate in my capacity as a researcher for colonias. As a native of Laredo, Texas who grew up in a neighborhood literally nestled along the Rio Grande River, I will never stop fighting for our most under-served populations in the State of Texas. The data is clear. Border communities have been ignored for far too long. This is reflected in poverty rates, healthcare access rates, and other social stratifiers. Since 2018, Governor Abbott has divested over $800,000 away from these communities.

The pandemic has had a harsher impact on Latina/o and Black communities. Rebuilding our economy can't just be about boosting financial well-being. We need an equitable approach to recovery that prioritizes the most vulnerable populations. We need to address decades of injustice.

Please read the attached brief I put together. It does not contain all of the collected data. More to come, including utilizing a demographic tool to produce a deeper measure of border communities' well-being.

You can access my 2018 op-ed here.

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